MOSAC is excited to launch programs for our community to excite, inspire and convene shared interests in science and fun!


Stop by to listen to experts in space exploration, such as the Chief Engineer behind launching the James Webb Space Telescope, to learn about what this historic feat will be able to accomplish in the future. Also, we will have a 3-D printing team that will be printing out mini Webb telescopes, a star-gazing session of the night sky on our back porch, and more.

Thursday, July 21
This event is SOLD OUT!
The James Webb Space Telescope has set out on a monumental mission as it travels to the outer edges of our solar system in order to, according to Webb program scientist Eric Smith at NASA Headquarters, “give us a fresh and powerful set of eyes to examine our universe.”
First images from the telescope will be cast on our Dome Theater for a more spectacular view of deep space. In addition, we have convened a group of expert speakers to explore various aspects of the telescope, from how the $10 billion James Webb telescope will impact scientific research, to how you can best view the wonders of the universe from your own backyard.
As a special feature, 3D models of the telescope will be printed during the event so you can see that process in action.
Member Price: $40
Non-member Price: $45
(includes light dinner and two drinks)
Age 21+, IDs will be checked