Let’s Get Curious!

At MOSAC, we don’t just like questions, we love them! Stimulating curiosity and questioning everything is what makes the world exciting. We are proud to offer many opportunities to explore the wonders of science through our interactive exhibits, live demonstrations, engineering design challenges, astronomy shows and immersive feature films.

MOSAC Exhibition Details

Health Headlines & Innovations

The latest in cutting-edge research and medical advances

Today, technology is everywhere — especially in healthcare. When it comes to advancements in medicine and human health, Sacramento is a rising leader.

Supported by UC Davis Health, we’re thrilled to bring attention to the latest findings in bio-engineering, medical technologies, and investigative science underway in our region.

Visit this amazing, regularly changing gallery and hear from the engineers, physicians and technologists creating these amazing breakthroughs.

You can also see a prototype of the EXPLORER Total-Body Scanner, developed at UC Davis, that is revolutionizing healthcare in the Sacramento region.

Presented by : UC Davis Health

Nature Detectives

Curious kids using their five senses to explore their environment

Curious about what’s crawling around on the ground, what’s flying in the air above you, and other creatures living in the wild? Young learners can activate their senses and use the tools of science to explore this interactive gallery – live creatures and fun activities abound!

Designed for visitors ages 4-8, Nature Detectives empowers our youngest minds to answer their own questions using simple methods of scientific inquiry. Shake like a bear, listen for the sounds of wildlife, and explore how animals blend into their surroundings.

Through all these engaging activities, the scientists of tomorrow will tap into their curiosity and use simple tools to come up with their own answers to the riddles of the natural world.

Presented by : California Cultural and Historic Endowment, Museum Grant Program, The Ralph and Marla Andersen Family

Powering Change

Choices in energy adapting to meet environmental challenges

California has established itself as the nation’s leader in creating reliable and renewable energy resources. From wind and water to solar-generated power, we’re on the front lines of a transformation that is impacting the environment and the lives of people in our community, our region, and our nation.

In this exhibition, you’ll learn how we can help launch our cities into the future with transformational steps like electrifying our transportation system, building smart houses and revitalizing green zones, and learn how young adults around the world are taking action in addressing climate change in their communities.

We are the power of change!

Presented by : SMUD

Design Challenge Zone

Use our real tools to build your real skills

Build a device that floats up a column of air, create the fastest car prototype to race down our ramps, or stitch together unique materials to make wearable art. This flexible activity space will shift gears frequently to offer different design challenges using a range of materials from electronics to cardboard, and introduce visitors to how important simple tools like pliers and screwdrivers are to learning math, reading maps, and becoming a master of STEAM skills.

The Zone also has a Toddler Space for children ages five and younger to play.

Destination Space

Reaching for the stars and beyond

Our out-of-this-world exhibition is where you can pilot a Mars rover and test out rockets while on the bridge of the International Space Station. Space exploration has come a long way since Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon in 1969, so we have to ask ourselves, “What’s next?” How would we manage our water systems and grow food in outer space?

We have a lot to learn before we book our seats in a rocket. Destination Space highlights what technologies are needed, from designing transport vehicles to storing and recycling resources, in order to visit this next frontier.

Presented by : Aerojet Rocketdyne

Water Challenge

Make every drop count of our precious water

California’s water system is an intricate network of historic and technical marvels, but our regular round of droughts is putting it to the test. We rely on both natural and engineered methods of capture, storage, and flow to meet the needs of industry, community, and nature — but that does not come without challenges.

MOSAC’s interactive exhibits bring the story of water to life, demonstrating how our region is working together to conserve this natural resource for us now and for future generations. Water Challenge lets you actively shape a watershed’s flow, create a tune for saving water at home, choose between local or non-local foods to buy based on how they impact conservation efforts — all while learning about your own environmental footprint.

Presented by : Association of California Water Agencies, California American Water, California Department of Water Resources, California Farm Water Coalition, Ducks Unlimited Inc., Regional Water Authority, Sacramento Area Sewer District, Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Design Lab

Spark the inventor inside you

(Scheduled Programs Coming Soon!)

A Makerspace is not simply an engineering space. At the core, makerspaces are places for design thinking, collaborating, and creating.
In DesignLab, you can experiment with 3D printers, laser cutting machines, circuit boards, robotics, or your own electronic devices.

What’s your next invention?

Presented by : Synergex International Corporation