MOSAC: Camp Curiosity

PLEASE NOTE: Camp Curiosity’s 2022 session has ended!

Spark your curiosity this summer with weekly camps for K-6th grade explorers! Each grade level has multiple exciting experiences to choose from.


Jr. Naturalist

Calling all Jr. Naturalists! Join us as we learn all about how the world around us works. From sprouting seeds to observing tiny tadpoles, campers will investigate how living things in nature grow and change just like us! Campers will have fun with nature while learning to be good neighbors.

Construction Zone

Beep beep, here comes the construction crew! Does your camper love to build? This week will be all about building, balancing and knocking down! Budding engineers will explore with different types of materials, taking on a new building challenge each day.

Curious about Space

How many planets are there in our solar system? What stars can we see at night? What would it be like to live on Mars? Come explore the cosmos, get answers to your far-out questions and reach for the stars!

First and Second Grades

Slimy, Slippery Science

The MOSAC lab is the place to get messy, learn and play! Experiment with bubbling chemistry, investigate states of matter, and even participate in an optional dissection. This week is about hands-on experimentation and exploration!

Make It Go

Fly, float and roll! From soaring airplanes to cruising cars, campers will explore speed, aerodynamics and movement of all kinds. Join us as we experiment and play with engineering and the science of what makes things go!

Naturally Curious

From flying insects and leaping frogs to swimming salmon and scurrying squirrels, Sacramento is home to so many fascinating creatures! This camp will look at some of these local species, the habitats they live in, and explore how we can be good neighbors to these animal friends and their homes.

3, 2, 1 Blast Off

Houston, we have a camp! Together we will explore our galaxy and beyond as we learn about space exploration, experiment with gravity, imagine what it would be like to survive on other planets and so much more. Our week of science for budding astronauts will culminate in a MOSAC rocket launch – it’s going to be out of this world!


Engineer It

Ask a question, research and imagine a solution, plan, create, test and improve! That is the engineering and design process engineers follow. Join us to learn about different types of engineers and use the design engineering process to come up with your own solutions. Let’s see what you can engineer!

Third and Fourth Grades

Dream it, Build It

What do you dream of building? Join us for our engineering-themed camp and spend the week designing, building, experimenting and creating art with an engineering twist. Whether building a bridge or a roller coaster, we will play and learn together throughout the process!

Creepy Crawly Creatures

Calling all zoologists, herpetologists, entomologists and arachnologists! Come get curious in the lab and the field. Join us in seeking and observing these fascinating species while learning how they survive and what makes them special.

Inventor’s Workshop

The things we use every day came from someone’s imagination to solve an everyday challenge. What challenges do you want to solve? Campers will learn about engineering and inventing while prototyping their own creations. We will design, build and test, ending the week with a presentation and celebration! Don’t forget to pack your thinking cap!

Science Everywhere

Science is all around us! Whether you are curious about outer space, living things, or digging through geological rock layers, there is no escaping the wonders of science. Let’s investigate together by exploring how science makes the world around us so unique.

Are You Game?

First comes the imagination, then comes the creation! Join us as we use the science of physics and simple machines to create toys and games. You will experiment, engineer and test your creations during this fun-filled week! What game will you create?

Planets, Dwarf Planets, and Asteroids, Oh My!

Calling all space explorers! Blast off to MOSAC to learn about planets and other objects in our solar system, our galaxy and the universe! Campers will build and test rockets, discover what it may take to survive on other worlds, and participate in space-themed hands-on activities.

Fifth and Sixth Grades


If your favorite part of a museum visit is a science stage show, then this is the camp for you! Campers will participate in hands-on experiments, learn the science behind them and work to put together a show to end their week! We will play games to improve teamwork, public speaking, explore different science concepts and put on a show!

Team Green

From alternative energy sources and water conservation to saving endangered species, there are so many ways young people are making a difference. What can you do help? Campers this week will take a closer look at sustainability, in our community and around the world. Campers will brainstorm creative solutions to real world challenges, do experiments in the lab and consider issues from an engineering perspective.

To Mars and Beyond

If you were an astronaut, which mission would you want to be a part of? Would you go to the moon or to Mars? Would you want to live on the International Space Station? This week we will learn all about space exploration and the challenges astronauts, scientists and engineers face working toward the Mars Artemis missions! Join us for creative challenges and hands-on experiments and activities. Next stop: Mars!

Tinker, Maker, Engineer

Explore science, technology, engineering, art and math each day! See how they all connect as you create works of art or cool devices using tools and simple materials, building robots and much more.

Member price: $300 per camper per week

Non-member price:  $320 per camper per week

Questions? Please call our help desk at (916) 674-5000 ext. 104


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Drop-off and Pickup

Drop off will take place at the riverfront patio at the far end of our parking lot from 8:40-9:05.

Check-out will take place at the riverfront patio at the far end of our parking lot from 3:45-4:05.


Aftercare after camp can be purchased at a rate of $80 per camper per week for care until 5:30 pm, which must be purchased separately for the correct camp week (can be used for any to all days of the week). Cost after 5:30 pm will be billed at $1/minute. Registration for aftercare will open at the same times as camp registration.