We are immensely proud and grateful to honor Phil Serna for his generous contribution to the Museum. Phil, an esteemed Board Member and nature photographer, graciously gave MOSAC the right to display his captivating photographs as part of the Matsui Gallery’s Art Wall in the Fall of 2023.

Phil’s photographs are more than just images; they are a source of inspiration. They have touched the hearts of countless individuals, sparking a sense of wonder and a deeper appreciation for the natural world. His work has particularly resonated with aspiring naturalists, igniting their passion for nature and photography.

In recognition of Phil’s impact, MOSAC has created a special tribute. This unique award is not just a token of our gratitude, but also a reflection of the inspiration he has fostered. It is composed of images created by the young ones who have been inspired by Phil’s photographs. These creations are a testament to the profound influence that his work has had on the next generation of nature enthusiasts and artists.

Phil Serna’s contribution extends beyond the physical photographs he has shared. He has provided a lens through which we can all view and appreciate the natural world in its truest form. For this, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you, Phil, for your invaluable contribution and for inspiring us all to see the beauty that surrounds us. Your legacy continues to grow with each person your work touches.