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Welcome to Camp Curiosity! MOSAC’s premier in-person summer camps beginning June 2021. Campers will have a blast as they explore, innovate, engineer, experiment, create, play, and make friends. They will engage in hands-on activities designed to ignite the imagination and build confidence in a variety of science topics.

MOSAC will be hosting summer camps at our new building located at 400 Jibboom Street in downtown Sacramento.

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Parent Resources

COVID POLICY: MOSAC will be following all Federal, State and County public health guidelines for COVID-19 protocols. We ask that each family review our safety plan before their week of camp.

Camp Descriptions

Dream it. Build it

We dreamed of building a museum, and we did! What do you dream of building? Join us for our Engineering themed camp and spend the week designing, building in the lab, experimenting through engineering challenges, and creating art with an engineering twist. Whether building a bridge, a roller coaster or Mars habitat, we will play and learn together throughout the process!

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Earth’s SuperPOWERS

Can you power a car with the sun? Light a lamp with the wind? Or save a species from extinction by using less carbon-based energy? Harness the superpowers of our Earth and sun as we join forces to save the planet! Campers will explore alternative energy sources and human ingenuity through experimentation, teamwork, and creative design to see how our actions, big and small, can make a difference for the planet!

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Science Everywhere!

Science is all around us! Whether you are curious about rocks or fossils, comets or quasars, animals or insects, there is no escaping the wonders of science. Campers every week will have a chance to dig into the soil, dive into dissections, experiment in our chemistry labs, look up into the sky, and test the laws of physics. Let’s investigate together by exploring how science makes the world around us so unique.

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Naturally Curious!

From flying insects and leaping frogs to swimming salmon and scurrying squirrels, Sacramento is home to so many fascinating creatures! This camp will take a look at some of these local species, the habitats they live in, and explore how we can be good neighbors to these animal friends and their homes

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3,2,1 Blast Off!

Houston, we have a camp! Together we will explore our galaxy and beyond as we learn about space exploration, experiment with gravity, imagine what it would take to survive on other planets, and so much more! Our week of science for budding astronauts will culminate in a MOSAC rocket launch – it’s going to be out of this world!

Camp Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need an account to register for camp. Make your account ahead of time click here: Your email will become your user name and you will be asked to set a password. You can review the entire registration process by reading the registration guide. All camps will be held at SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity located at 400 Jimboom Street, Sacramento CA.

During the registration you will also need the information for two emergency contacts (including the parent or guardian registering the child) and contact information for adults who will be authorized to pick up your child from camp. You should also be prepared to answer questions regarding your child’s medical or allergy needs, any medication they carry with them, as well as any behavior or sensory needs your child has.

Camps are on sale March 15, 2021. Summer Camps are sold by the week: Members: $260; Non-Members: $280.Payment is due at the time of registration. Each camp program is one (1) week Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Yes, members receive a $20 discount per camp week. Make sure to sign in to your online member account before registering to receive your discount. Note: this discount applies for new MOSAC members as well as those with an existing Powerhouse membership.

Be sure to register your account with the SAME email, phone number, and address you used when you purchased your membership.  If you have already registered, you can test your password by clicking “Sign in” on the top of the page.  If you have forgotten your password, click “Sign in” and then select forgot password. If you select “Forgot Password” and do not receive a recovery email from MOSAC within 5 minutes, please go back to the online registration page, and re-register with your membership and/or account email.  Non-Members: Go to the registration page and follow the prompts.

If your child will be absent please call :  916-674-5000 or email camp staff at If you need to cancel or reschedule please fill out Cancellation and Rescheduling Form and send to

If you have a question regarding a registration, cancellation, or to reschedule a camp, please email us at We will respond within 24 hours. If you have a question during the registration process, please review our registration guide or contact us at We will also be available by phone at (916)674-5000 ext. 9 from 9am-4pm Monday-Friday.

The basic theme for each camp is consistent for each age group but all games, activities, labs, and projects will be adapted for each individual age group. In some cases, this may mean a completely unique project, while others may be more similar. Your child will be directed to the correct group on Monday morning during check-in, and their group will be designated on their nametag.
We work hard to hire fantastic Camp Leaders. All leaders are over 18 and have passed a background check. Our Camp Leaders go through the same screening process as any museum staff member. In each group of 12 kids, we have one Leader as well as one teen volunteer. This Leader will be with your child all week. Throughout the week, two groups of 12 kids of the same age (each with their own Leader) may be combined for certain activities, while still following our COVID 19 practices We also have staff members of MOSAC’s education department helping around camp, floating between groups, and assisting with check-in and check-out.
If you would like to help us achieve that goal, there is an opportunity to sponsor a camper by donating to our scholarship fund on the “continue shopping” page of the registration.
Photographs and videos that represent our educational programs, events, and other activities help tell the story of MOSAC’s mission in our Community.
All staff are trained in emergency procedures to keep everyone safe throughout the day, and carry a radio for safety. First aid kits are present in all camp areas. Key members of staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and the use of EPIpens, as well as the use of an AED.

Please review the MOSAC Camp Curiosity Medical & Liability Waiver. During the camp registration process, you will be asked to ELECTRONICALLY sign this document and a Medical Policy Waiver.  A signed liability waiver MUST be on file prior to the start of your child’s camp session.

Over the past few years Sacramento has experienced a wide range of natural disasters, most specifically wildfires in nearby counties. Throughout camp sessions, if air quality monitors nearest air monitoring sites read “Unhealthy” or worse, or if our site conditions are deemed unsafe for staff and campers, we will reach out to all families, first via email then via phone call, by 8:00AM to cancel camp for the day
  • Drop off : To reduce the number of people in our camp areas in accordance with our COVID safety plan, we will ask that parents and guardians remain in the car when dropping off and picking up their camper.
    • Upon arrival, join the line of cars in the MOSAC parking lot, we will have signs to explain where to go.
    • A staff member will approach your car to collect your child and get any needed information from you. Children will be supervised as they make their way to their camp group.
    • If you are purchasing a shirt, have a detailed question for a staff member, or are dropping off medication we will ask that you pull into a designated parking spot and a staff member will meet you there.
  • Pick up : Pickup will work in the same manner as drop-of. Parents should stay in their vehicles and their children will be brought out to them.
    • We will ask to see a photo ID during pickup. To add someone to the authorized pickup list you filled out during registration, please contact us at
    • If you will need to pick up your child early, please let us know at morning drop off.
No. We ask that you only register your child in their correct group based on the grade level they will be entering in the fall of 2021 which will. We plan all camp activities to be age and grade level appropriate. Being in the correct group will also help your child make friends and have a more engaging experience.

It depends on your child’s age. You can sign your child up for multiple weeks, but please note that we will repeat camp themes and activities more than once during the summer. If you choose to sign your child up for the same camp theme in another week, it will be the same program.

No. At this time we cannot guarantee requests for customized group assignments. The best chance to get friends in the same group is if they are the same grade level and are signed up for the same theme. This summer we will be staying in our cohort groups following public health guidelines but camp staff and volunteers will work hard to facilitate opportunities for participants to build friendships and find common interests.

No, each day campers must bring lunch and any snacks they need. Each day campers will get a 30-60-minute lunch to eat and play as well as two snack/break times between more structured activities. Campers will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave for their lunches or snacks. Lunches may be stored outside, leaving space between each child’s belongings. There is no food available to purchase on site, please do not send your child with money to camp.
We ask that all families send peanut free lunches and snacks for the safety of others. Since the museum is home to more than just camp we cannot guarantee a peanut free environment. Please see the section on allergies for more information regarding our allergy safe procedures around meal times.

During registration you will be asked to complete a medical information form. Please be sure to further communicate any medical, allergies or special needs of your child/children when you drop them for the first time. This information will be kept confidential and will only be shared with those working directly with your child. If your child carries medication, please let us know, and refer to our medical policy.

We do not recommend your child bringing personal items to camp, beyond their lunch, weather-appropriate clothing, or medication. Children should not bring cell phones or other technology to camp. MOSAC is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

Each day Campers should bring:

  • A lunch and at least one snack
  • A reusable water bottle labeled with their name
  • Their facemask
  • Themselves, ready for fun!
  • Weather appropriate clothing in addition to wearing the Camp Curiosity t-shirt, like a hat or jacket.
  • Sunscreen
  • Some children may choose to bring their own hand sanitizer but we will provide some as well.
  • A backpack to keep belongings organized!

Each camp day is well balanced with time to be active, and time to slow down., All camps will have: hands-on activities, active play, creative time, snack times and a lunch break. Depending on camp theme and safety restrictions, children may also watch demos, experience shows in the dome theater, participate in engineering challenges, and spend time in the new museum. Actual schedules may vary based on weather, preferences of camp groups, and other factors.

Each day Campers should wear:

  • Their camp shirt must be worn every day. One will be provided with one the first day. There will be extra camp shirts available for purchase at check-in.
  • Closed-toed shoes
  • Comfortable play clothes appropriate for the weather at hand that are ok to get messy or wet. We will spend time outdoors in the heat and will sometimes play games with some water.
  • A face mask to be worn all day (you may want to pack an extra)
  • A backpack with their lunch and a snack, and a reusable water bottle labeled with their name. Children may also bring items such as sunscreen and hand sanitizer.

We believe in planning a well-rounded day for our Campers, including many chances to play, be silly, enjoy learning new things, and just be a kid! Every camp day will include active play, hands-on activities and creative time.

  • We know that kids need to move and play throughout the day. Active play activities at camp include group games, gross motor activities, and time to walk around and explore the museum (dependent on building progress). This summer all group games will be COVID safe.
  • Hands-on activities include building and engineering challenges and experimentation, hands-on science, exploring natural phenomena through play (such as testing gravity with toy cars) and more. Camp groups will also learn through demos by their Leaders or other museum staff.
  • Creative time will include arts and crafts, as well as thinking creatively when working on engineering challenges or projects.

MOSAC asks parents and guardians to be open communicators and share the following safety expectations with their children:

  • Listen to and respect all staff and fellow Campers
  • Stay safe and clean by washing your hands regularly and keeping your mask on at all times unless eating
  • Use ‘walking feet’ unless playing a game
  • Stay with your group at all times and give your fellow Campers appropriate personal space
  • Ask your Camp leader for help at anytime
  • Be curious and have fun!

Certain areas of MOSAC will be off-limits. Camp Staff will address any safety-related concerns as they become apparent. Specific activities at camp will also have specific expectations.

We welcome all information regarding your child’s behavior or sensory needs, or any other information that will help to ensure your child has a successful week. Please add relevant details and information on the registration form or email us at with further information. If applicable, please fill out our medical release form (LINK) and email it to

Camp Curiosity is an inclusive environment. If your child benefits from sensory aids such as noise-cancelling headphones, items to fidget/focus, etc., they are welcome to bring them to camp. Please let staff know if your child has these items and when they might be useful. Staff will assist children in reminding them of when these items may be helpful.

If your child benefits from a 1 on 1 aide at school, and you would like to send them with an aide to camp, contact us to make accommodations. Our staff will work with each child to meet their specific needs, but we do not have enough staff and volunteers to provide 1 on 1 support for each child throughout the day.  MOSAC Camp Curiosity staff will work throughout the week to create an environment in which every child can succeed! Part of this includes Campers following rules and respecting one another. Camp Curiosity believes in positive behavior management, including communicating specific expectations and appropriate consequences to all participants. If a child does not safely participate in an experiment or an activity, they will not be able to continue until they display safe behavior.

Any specific behavior concerns which do arise will be handled with a three-step system:

  1. Conversation : Their Camp Leader will talk privately with the Camper about what occurred and how they can make better choices in the future.
  2. Break : If the behavior continues, the Camper will take a break away from the activity, taking that time to calm down, talk to their Leader, or do an alternate task.
  3. Call Home : If the behavior persists further parents will be notified. If a call home does occur, we strive to partner with parents and guardians to continue the conversation at home about more positive behavior the following day.

Camp Curiosity will not tolerate extreme behaviors including violence or bullying. These types of incidences will always prompt a conversation with parents or guardians.

If your child becomes ill while at camp, we will contact you to pick them up. If your child is injured, we will take necessary steps to provide immediate first aid, and we will contact you immediately. It is very important that you notify us regarding any changes in your phone numbers or emergency contact information.

While we do not serve food at camp as part of our normal camp day, we do ask that you provide all allergy information during registration. Any allergy your child has should be listed in their registration, and medical release forms. If your child carries an EpiPen you must fill out our Medication Waiver and bring it to camp along with the medication, and discuss that with staff at check-in. If you did not list an allergy during registration, please contact us at so we add that information to your child’s record.

In addition to our COVID sanitizing procedures, we clean tables after lunch or snack times and have children wash their hands before participating in any other activities. Our facility has enough room for children to eat 6 apart this summer and are always instructed to not share food.

At this time, camp participants will be the only ones allowed inside the museum. Follow our website, social media pages, and sign up for our newsletter for the most up to date information regarding opening.